VocalBoothToGo.com is honored to be invited to present our products at the VoiceMasters
conference 2019 in Mexico City. We have a loyal following in South America and now we are
proud to come to Voice Over Conference in Mexico City and meet our friends .

View this special announcement from Jorge Infante:

NOTE: We can only bring a limited amount of products to the show,
please PRE-ORDER NOW to SAVE on shipping fees!!!

  • Acoustical Vocal Booth Review

    Acoustical Vocal Booth Review

    BHAV PARMAR – VOICE OVER ARTIST Voice Arts Award Nominee The VocalBoothToGo.com AVB-33 has been a real treat to my work as a Voice Over Artist. Lots of space for all my equipment, a solid construction that fits nicely into any working room and of course ample space to perform! If I had to choose three top things about the VBTG, it would be as follows; 1. High quality production blankets for excellent acoustic treatment. This is great for an artist who is working in a space that has limited outside noise or low noise floor. 2. Very comfortable working space… big enough for a table, two screens, a chair, mic and stand (sitting or standing) and all other electrical......
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  • Mario Filio, voice actor – Mexico

    Mario Filio, voice actor – Mexico

    Mario came to us when we were attending the 2018 VO Atlanta conference as vendors. He was interested in our carry-on vocal booth, the VOMO, recommended by his college who already owned one. After talking with us about it, he purchased one and loves it! He posted many pictures on social media stating his affection for it and how he can use it anywhere to record his voice over sessions. Mario is the voice for many popular Disney characters in Spanish language in Mexico. Some of his characters are Miss Piggy, Wreck-It Ralph, Goofy, Obi Wan Kenobi and Beverly Hills Chihuahua just to name a few. As you can see from the pictures, Mario loves his VOMO and puts his......
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  • Acoustical Treatment of Whisper room with Sound Blankets

    Acoustical Treatment of Whisper room with Sound Blankets

    I have been a big fan of VocalBoothToGo.com for nearly 5 years. I started with a PVC booth covered in Producers Choice blankets. Some time later I added a whisper room to my studio. While the sound isolation was good I struggled with the right combination to tune the booth acoustically on the inside. I tried all manner of glue on and velcro foam but it still sounded TERRIBLE! Then I had an epiphany. Why not use the Producers Choice blankets I already had? So I hung 1 blanket on each wall and BAM! Instant great sound. I have found the Producers Choice blankets to work much better than foam to acoustically treat the inside of my booth.” Producer’s Choice......
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  • Jorge in VOMO

    Jorge in VOMO

    I travel with my VocalBoothToGo everywhere. During my trip to Jamaica, I was able to do a VO gig without any issues and afterwards went out to relax on the beach. Jorge Infante
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