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Just a quick message of thanks for the excellent service provided and the quality of the blanket and screws ordered this week. Really impressed with the delivery- 2 days, and the quality of the blanket... it really has made a great difference to the music room and my son's loud drum kit. Impressive. Many thanks. Peter C. >> Really Pleased with the purchase Message Body:Just a quick message of thanks for the excellent service provided and the quality of the blanket and scres ordered this week. Really impressed with the delivery- 2 days, and the quality of the blanket... it really has made a great difference to the music room and my son's loud drum kit. Impressive. Many thanks. Peter Coldwell Thank you.

Hi Jeff, We successfully received the blankets and I have used them to construct a 1.8m by 1.8m practice room. We tested it last night with my wife going outside into the street. The flute/clarinet cannot be heard at all; soprano and alto sax are extremely faint and tenor was most obvious, but any ambient noise in the street covers the sound and people walking by didn’t even look up at the noise. We are very pleased with the results from a noise minimisation perspective. In terms of creating a room for practising and recording, I am also very happy. I can hear every minute wobble in my tone and I even heard a pad leak from my clarinet! Click vocalboothtogo Shop VB70G. Sound Blankets Producers Choice- White-Black. Size 80×80 with Grommets. Single. I have put up some photos on my Facebook page, and I’ve already had enquiries from friends, so hopefully you will get a few more orders from Australia. Thank you for the follow-up and best wishes to you and yours. Regards, David Australia.

The blankets come in different weights because they come in different sizes. The material is the same this is why the NRC ( noise reduction) is the same. The NRC is tested for a material sample. The size of the sample for testing must be standard, so any lab test has the same comparable results. But in practical applications, the more sound absorbing material you put in a room the more sound absorption you get. Of course that is provided that surface of the material is exposed as much as possible to be able to absorb the sound. For example hanging blankets all around the room with 4-6 inches gap between a reflective surfaced and the blanket is much more effective than having a stuck of folded blankets in a corner. Thank you Jeff.

Yes, it will support the 80 x 96 blanket and even the 120 in long studio blankets. The heavier the blanket, the more gentle you need to be sliding the blankets on the tracks. More weight pits more pressure on the rollers and make it harder to roll on the tracks . But statically track will support acoustic panels, no problem.

I think your best option is to use blankets with ceiling track kit. Even better if you double wall the blankets with an air gap between layers.(use 2 circles of ceiling tracks, about 4-6 inches apart). Hanging blanlets on thd track kit will allow you to slide the blankets out of the way , so you can have the use of the whole room if you need to It will also allow you to manipulate the sound inside the room (more live or more dead). You do not have to encircle the whole room with ceiling tracks. You can use ceiling screw hooks (available from your local hardware store) and only use tracks where you want to divide the room. This so allows you to create a "room within a room" without building an actual "room". So you have more room for your other stuff. ;) I would recommend comering walls eith blankets completely, even the walls you do not worry about. You want to eliminate that percussion sound bouncing off the walls. This will reduce overall sound level inside the room and therefore even less sound will escape. If for your recording you feel the sound is too dead, you can slide open the blankets on tracks and allow some reflections to create a live sound. Or you can just take blankets off the hooks. There is also another option (alternative or additional, depends on how you want to hear your drums) . You can wrap a blanket around a drum. And let it (the rest of the blanket) lay on the floor. This will drastically reduce the sound coming out of the drum. Thank you. Jeff.

All Producers choice sound blankets have the same acoustic quality with NRC 0.8 (80% noise reduction). But they differ in size, color and grommets. All even numbers (like VB70) have one side white, the other side black, All odd numbers ( like VB71) have both sides black. Letter "G" stands for "Grommets". That means that if the blanket model has a letter "G" after the number, it has grommets pre-installed for easy hanging. If there is no letter "G" that means the blanket is plain. No grommets. The larger the number of the blanket the larger the blanket. So 70 and 71 are 72 inch long. 72 and 73 are 96 inch long 76 and 77 are 120 inch long. All blankets have the same width - 80 inches. This is the widest the loom can make. The quilting is parallel. It is always runs starting from 80 inch side and gies along the length of the blanket.

If you found us through an online forum, you might have noticed complaints about an awful smell coming off the blankets. They may have looked like this: 19th December, 2012: [The blankets] smell like some kind of petroleum distillate. We did have a problem at the time. It was difficult to figure out where the smell was coming from in the beginning, but after several visits to our manufacturers and working our way through the supply chain, we discovered that the issue was in the filler material. Filler which included a mix of synthetic fibers resulted in blankets with the terrible smell. Since then, we have changed the manufacturer and made sure we were only using 100% pure recycled cotton in our blankets. There are no toxic chemicals involved in the making of our blankets. As of 2014, you can see that there are no more forum complaints about the smell: 4th March, 2014: I bought the Producer's Choice sound blankets from and haven't had any issues with the smell.  That comment was from a regular contributor to the forum, achieving the title "gear addict". Producer's Choice blankets were specifically designed to absorb sound, and no longer have the drawback of that chemical smell. They work much better than moving blankets, and you can see the frequency results from acoustic lab tests on our website. We compared the test results of Producer's Choice blankets and Auralex acoustic foam, and found that our acoustic blankets are more efficient than 3 inch foam, and the frequency response is more linear, resulting in a better sound. Acoustic foam seems to absorb sound similarly at the low frequency range, but rips more out of the mid frequency range, than the Producer's Choice acoustic blankets. This is why the NRC of the 4 inch acoustic foam is higher. To get the most out of your blankets, be sure to hang them properly.

A) You will need a dense material based on Mass Loaded Vinyl that is Weather proof and UV resistant. Sound absorbing material such as foam blankets or anything of the sort hang over the fence will do nothing for soundproofing of your house. Many people confuse these terms. "Absorbing sound"  means sucking up the sound that is already in your room. "Soundproofing" means preventing the sound from entering (in your case) the room.

A) Yes, we offer a rental program for our acoustic vocal booths and later for the sound booths. Please contact us to discuss your project.

A) For stucco ceilings, attach a flat horizontal support first. For example, you can attach a wooden frame  (like 2 x 4 studs) and then attach the ceiling track support brackets to that flat support. Here is a video on hanging blankets from a drop ceiling that may help give you an idea how this is done.

A) The difference might be marginal. But in theory, loose fiber would absorb sound better.

This is because in loose fiber each of the filaments have to be agitated individually, therefore more sound energy being spent on "shaking " each individual fiber. In tightly pressed filler the fibers that are "stuck together"  being agitated together as one -- so less sound energy being spent and absorption would be less.

At the same time it is more difficult to vibrate heavier, larger fibers, than it is the lighter and shorter fibers. This is why the longer and denser fibers would absorb more of the lower frequency  sound waves.

A) We process all orders within 1 to 2 business days. Orders received after 3 p.m. will fall on the next business day. All stock items will be shipped within 1 to 2 business days regardless of the shipping option.

A) How can I find my shipping cost? You can check the shipping cost before you create an account.

  1. Create your order – add items to your shopping cart.
  2. The new screen that appears displays your shopping cart contents. You can also click View Cart in the upper right hand corner to see your items.
  3. At the bottom of the shopping cart content window, you will see this option to input your country and zip code. Then hit submit.
  4. Your shipping options and charges will appear.

A) Yes, we compared the two types of products against each other -- acoustic foam, Aurolex Studiofoam Wedges, and Producer's Choice Sound Blankets. An article about these findings can be found here. Comparison with acoustic foam.

A) Most definitely. Our Producer's Choice brand of sound blankets have been tested and successfully used in acoustic treatment of recording studios and also used in large conference halls for special events. The blankets are easy to hang and easy to use. Here are tips when hanging sound blankets.

A) To lessen the sound of Piano for your downstairs neighbor without major work: you can do the following: 1) Place the piano legs on rubber pads. -> this will reduce the sound transmission through structural elements. 2) cover the back of the Piano with VB70 or MS 70 Blanket. -> This will dampen the sound from sounding board.

A) Free shipping, most of the time, is usually some type of trick to entice the buyer into making a purchase or to buy something that normally would not sell.  Most companies will actually add-on the shipping charges into the total price, so essentially, you are paying for the shipping.

To keep our prices low (and not have any type of hidden charges), we do not offer free shipping. Our products are heavy but at a low price. This is why even with the discounted shipping rates, the price seems to be high compare to the cost of the product.

To offer "free shipping" it would have to be built into the price of the product. Since we ship worldwide, we do not think this is to our customer's advantage.

Please read's return policy.

If you have any questions and want to know about pricing upfront, please feel free to contact us anytime at

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A) Producer's Choice blankets are designed for many things and for this purpose too. In fact, blankets are the only product from your list that can be used as a barrier. If you hang it over the window, it will absorb sound passing through it somewhat. So the noise will be somewhat reduced. You might say that foam is also flat (relatively), but blankets are more massive so they will block about 4-5 dB -- which is enough for the human ear to feel the difference.

A) Unfortunately, our toll free number is only valid for customers living in the United States. If you are overseas but would live to talk by phone, please send us an email with the best phone number and time to reach you as well as the country or time zone you are in. Our email contact information is:

A) Not sure which kind of vocal booth or sound booth you need? We hope the following guide will help you to make the right choice. Follow each bullet to see what your situation is . . . . If you still need assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at

  • You are a voice over actor and need something to carry with you, so you can conduct recordings on a moments notice just about anywhere. You need the original Carry On Vocal Booth.
  • You want to work on your feet and gesticulate when you read. You need Carry-on-Vocal booth Pro with microphone stand mountable table and Mini-boom.
  • You do voice acting or audio recordings, and you already have a quiet place to record BUT need to produce dead-sounding recordings. You need a vocal booth (for acoustics).

A) If your choice is between doors and the curtains, then solid tightly closed doors will be a better option. This is especially true if you are dealing with two rooms such as a  living room and family room (where appearance and convenience also counts). But -- the curtains will do the job too. You can install the curtains tightly, with no cracks between the curtains and the walls. The curtains come in 48 inch width.  If your doorway is 63 inches, you would need two curtains (48 x 85 inches each) so they can overlap each over and can be installed above the door frame.

A) Everyone has a different level of sensitivity when it comes to their sense of smell. The "new" smell of the sound blankets may have no effect, little effect or a major effect on the nose. However the sound blankets can be washed! Here is a suggestion for washing the sound blankets to release that NEW smell.

  • Take the blankets to a Laundromat and wash them in a commercial washer with regular amount of detergent.(Do NOT use your own washer).
  • Then dry then in a tumble dry at high heat. Drying might take a long time. I suggest to go through several 12 minutes cycles, so you can straighten up the blanket in between the drying cycles.  Because ,you know the blanket folds in the machine and only the top exposed surface will get dry, so you need to turn it and let everything dry.
  • After you have it thoroughly dried ( on High Setting)  let it hang outside on fresh air and cool off.
  • Please note that the blanket will be steaming hot and the smell will intensify, but then after it cools off the smell will go away.
  • You can actually skip the washing part. Just try drying the blankets on a high setting for 12-15 minutes first. And then let it air out.  See if this will be enough.
  • You can wash the blankets again too.
Warning: DO NOT try this at home! You might destroy your machine. Because the blankets are getting very heavy and will occupy the entire space in the machine, Your machine will not have enough room to wash the blankets properly.

A) vocal booths come in different sizes -- 3 x 3, 6 x 3, and our largest vocal booth, the 6 x 6. We also provide the Carry-On Vocal Booth and other portable vocal booth options. All of the booths are portable and can be put together without the use of ANY tools. You can also add sound block as well. If you are Do-It-Yourselfer, you can simply purchase the frame, sound blankets or soundproofing materials separately. Or, you can purchase the Complete version of the booths and not have to worry about building it yourself.

A) Yes, you can wash them! Unlike acoustic foam, Producer's Choice sound blankets can be washed!

Here's how to wash our sound blankets:

  • Wash the sound blankets at a laundromat. Note that blankets tend to get heavy when wet.
  • Note that this product has "Inside filler," which is a recycled cotton fabric that is multicolored.
  • Note that colors from that filler may run and because of this, do not wash together with other clothes!
  • After washing you might see fuzz balls on the fabric.  This does not reduce the quality of the blanket or cause any problems.
  • You can fluff these blankets in the dryer too --  making them nice and thick.
  • For upkeep, you can vacuum it from the dust and wash them occasionally.

If you have questions, you can refer to the directions from this You Tube video:

Another video about washing can be found on


A) Yes, we tested our sound blankets from a professional acoustical laboratory, Below are the NRC test results -- the certificate-- from the Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories. Here is also a comparison with acoustic foam. If you would like to learn more about NRC rating or soundproofing, check-out the articles section on our website. 46

Reviews and Testimonials:   @VocalBoothToGo clients were very happy with sound quality [of the Carry-on Vocal Booth] even from a hospital room! Randye Kaye, Voice Actor   For over 7 years, I've had my office desk 6ft away from a rack of computer servers and their cooling fan whining.   After visiting your site, I ordered 3 of the Producer's Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets and 1 section of hanging track. I hung these up around my server rack and the amount of noise reduction was amazing! I would recommend these for those in small/home offices that have their computers/servers in a common location and would like to reduce the sounds they make. Andrew Thank you for providing honest advice I am happy that you gave me the right advice and not just which of your product will help me. Very thankful. Jagdish   I would rent again We rented a 6 x 3 Acoustical Vocal Booth from VocalBoothToGo for an event. We received the booth on time, it was easy to assemble and it met our needs for our event. I would definitely recommend renting from VocalBoothToGo if you need to use a vocal booth for just a short period. Steve VanDusen, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association   Used it on vacation Just wanted to let you know that my experience with the Vocal Booth went well on my vacation. In fact, I booked one of the jobs I auditioned for while away :) B.M. Voice-Actor   Couldn't be happier Unbelievable, arrived this morning! I’ve already fluffed them and put them to work. Couldn’t be happier. Mark   Improved drum room. I have received the blankets and set them up. They have made great improvement on the sound in my drum room. Thank you so much! Holmsteinn   Sound outside is considerably reduced. williambloodfarmI've been using them for 10 months now. The sound is very controlled inside the room & I would say that the sound outside is considerably reduced. The blankets are double thickness over the outer wall and two internal walls & the window area is packed with foam & thick upholstery to cut more noise through that area. I play for about an hour a day & have had no complaints. The neighbors say they can hear me of course, but it's not so bad. Video review William Bloodfarm       Professional Quality Sound From Producer's Choice Sound Blankets Our home studio is located in our living room. Not ideal you may say…. Indeed, but nonetheless I still manage to capture professional quality sound! And how do I go about and do this? The answer is: Producers Choice Blankets. Marty, 4CHORDSPRODUCTION   Great blankets! Thank you for the wonderful blankets! Perfect! Jim P., March 10, 2014   They were astounded at the difference using the Carry-on Vocal Booth! "Love the vocal booth [Carry-on Vocal Booth] purchased by a friend for my birthday. Your product has incredible reviews, and I just submitted my first audition with the confidence that the booth is an outstanding product. This sucker really is a fine piece. I had sent a sample of a recording to two of my friends without the VocalBooth, and then with it. They were astounded at what a difference it made." Marty O.   One of the Best Investments! VIA Twitter, Feb. 21, 2014 from Gabriel Meono My sound blankets from @VocalBoothToGo are one of my best investments for #voiceover work. Can't wait to test them with my new #SM7B mic.   I'm Very Picky and I love Your Product! I have to tell you, I have been looking for the perfect travel companion for a long time to do voiceover. Your Carry on Vocal Booth Pro is just amazing! Just wanted to send some love! I told a buddy of mine to buy one today.

Dean Wendt Voice Talent/Producer,
  I did my research . . . your company was the best! I did my research and liked the quality of your blankets the best. Actually, the quality exceeds my expectations. Thank you. Gary Gurreri   Producer's Choice Sound Blankets Worked On Stage! With no PA on, we noticed a major difference in just the drum sounds. They were cleaner sounding. Good bit of the drum slap back was eliminated. with PA on, there was an improvement in the sound throughout the venue. Byron Santo,   Mix Just Cleaned Up On Their Own (using Producer's Choice Sound Blankets) The sound absorbing blankets that Byron provided to me as FOH for the venue worked extremely well! We did sound check without them and then installed them in just minutes. Then, I noticed a bigger and tighter sound of the drums, guitar cabs and bass cabs. The mix seemed to just clean up on it's own... but I knew better. They were doing what they were designed to do. Impressive and inexpensive way to improve sound in any venue for any event! Joe Coslan   Producer's Choice is Excellent for A Very Live Room The blankets made a big difference to the sound coming off of the stage. The blankets greatly reduced reflections from the back stage wall. This tightened up the mix and made it more intelligible. Excellent for a very live room. Sam Picolo   Swallowed by VocalBoothToGo Sound Blankets: From a Post westonboucher: Being swallowed by new soundproofing blankets from vocalboothtogo. As you can see waaay too much coffee today. About to track vocals for a new song called "The Wanderer" to eventually pitch to other recording artists. These blankets are legit as this room sounded like singing in a toilet bowl, there's a YouTube video review that measured most sound absorbent vs lots of other brands. Things are mad heavy soundblankets. westonflow223 Does the blankets help and how u setup urs? westonboucher@flow223 the blankets made a huge difference, I was amazed as the room was awful before due to tile floor, mirrored closet doors and glass pane double doors but afterwards you'd never know with how amazing the isolation was. I bought six and hung them from ceiling hooks and created a 7'x4' area and laid one on the floor as well. Behind the mic I have a tall foldout divider in a V shape with one of the blankets draped over as well. Prob didn't need 6 blankets but cheaper in bulk. I had a similar setup with basic uhaul moving blankets before and this is a huge improvement, no brainer. These r the ones I got since they have holes to hang theough. Black Sound Blankets Producer Choice Oversized w/Gr VB-73G Great customer service! "I'd like to start by saying I am impressed with your support folks. My call went directly to Jeff in support who picked up the phone by the second ring and was incredibly helpful." Scott M.   I'm a Busy Voice Over Mom and Coach, and the Carry-On Helps Me! "I am so thankful for the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro I received at VO2013! I have found a way to utilize it in my house as a busy voice over mom and coach. My officdscf4142e and recording booth are in the basement. Now that I have a 5 month old, it has gotten more difficult to record voice over projects and coach my online students in my recording booth, since the baby monitor sometimes creates static.  I set up the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro in an area near my baby's room and I am now able to record quality audio while she naps with no baby monitor static! Since the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro is so portable, I can easily move it around where I need it in the house. Thank you,!" Nazia Chaudry Voiceover Talent, Singer and Coach,   I Like Yours (portable vocal booth) The Best! "Yourjamesalburger design [Carry-On Vocal Booth] is lighter, easier to use, sounds better, and, in my opinion, far more functional than any other portable VO booth I've seen. Harlan's booth uses Auralex pyramid foam, which does a good job of diffusing the sound, but does only a fair job of absorption . .  .I like yours much better!" James R. Alburger VoiceActing Academy, VoiceOver International Creative Experience (VOICE)   Vocal Booth on Tracks -- An "A" and Delivers Exactly What It Says! The Vocal Booth on Tracks in an Option for Space Challenged Voice Talents . . . and Yahoo! I now have my own recording “room” – and, even better, I can whisk its “walkaye042_smallls” aside whenever I need to. See her full review of the Vocal Booth on Tracks online. Randye Kaye, Voice Actress     Sound Is Dead On (using the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro) Imagine my delight when my engineering hero, James Alburger commented on a recent Reader's Digest narration I had done: "That was done using a Portable Carrmarthakahn 184x184y On Vocal Booth?  The sound was dead on!"  I rent my home and space is limited so the Portable Carry On Vocal Booth is perfect for me. It gives me very clean recordings without that boxy sound I had in the past. Now I feel totally confident that I am delivering a professional clean sound... if it passes Jim's ear, it's good enough for me! Martha Kahn, Voice Actress     Your Producer's Choice Sound Blankets are terrific! The Producer's Choice acoustic blankets are terrific! I use them in my studio. These are not just regular sound blankets. They totally work! Nice quality and affordable. You don't have to splewinend a lot of money on foam. Lewin Barringer     Love the Curtains and Tracks I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the curtains and track hanging system. My room sounds great; vastly improved form the past. Bob Cross Really Enjoying Blankets I just received my blankets today, and they are excellent! I'm really enjoying them now. They make a complete difference than what I had before. Cameron Wheeler Vocal Booth 6 X 6 a success . . . 2 more please! Thanks for sending the [Vocal Booth VB66]. It's been tested and we'd like to order two more with the same specs. Many thanks! Joane. Superviseur, Publications Audio Montreal The Hanging Vocal Booth Made My Day! img_3425This is really going to help me progress in this great buisness. I live on the gulf coast, and there isn't access to many studios so I was trying to make my own in my home.The hanging booth will instantly improve on the quality of my recordings. Once again, great product and I will be telling all my voice over artist and musician friends all about it. Michael Hall, Voice Actor   Redesigned Studio Uses Producer's Choice Blankets About two years ago, while doing a redesign of my home studio, I came across your Producer's Choice Blankets and ordered two that worked out great. Subsequently, I shared your information with a colleague, at the Voice Acting Academy. You have a very strong story to tell about the effectiveness of your products and the value that they represent. Curt B. CA. Vocal Booth . . a Godsend For Industrial Use I have researched this area and there is nothing else on the market like this, other than very cumbersome booths weighing half a ton. For industrial uses, this portable booth would be a godsend . . .  more cost effective. In these circumstances it would be valuable to all industrial organizations across the globe. Dr Martin S. Medical Director, Occupational Medicals Great Stuff These blankets are GREAT! I tried to reduce reverberation in my studio and these blankets just hit the spot!   Forget Auralex - at 2 inches thick they give you 95 % sound Absorption. Producer's Choice Blankets give you 80% absorption at 0.5 inch thickness. Ordering more Producer's Choice Sound Blankets We have one of your Oversized Producer's Choice blankets and just ordered two more . . . . I'm so glad we found them. Thank you so much! Nelly   Fast Customer Service "Crazy fast response and shipping time, unreal! I'll be sure to let my friends know if they need any soundproofing :)." Travis S.   Producer's Choice Blankets Are Superb! I just wantsoldierassisted to tell you that the Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets work superbly . . . what a great enhancement to our podcasting studio! Thank you for working with Operation Soldier Assist. You are helping our efforts to encourage our troops as well as saving us money that we can use for troop support packages and shipping cost. We really appreciate the support of! Blaine P. Ducote Sr., Founder: Operation Soldier Assist,   Nothing Works Better Than Producer's Choice I have not found anything that works as well (as these blankets). Will H.   Two More Blankets Please! I welcome two more please, many thanks. Bertrand   No Boxy Sound! So far no boxiness (with the Carry-On Booth) which makes me happy! Dean Wendt (Voice of Barney)

A) Producer's Choice sound blankets are designed to absorb sound waves, especially of high and medium frequencies and reduce reverberation. These sound blankets are used, for example, in a room that has an echo as an acoustic room treatment. If you use these blankets to hang over a window - it will dampen the incoming sound of the cars, but will not completely block it. For better soundproofing, you need a blanket with more mass such as Sound Block Curtains (see - soundproofing products). These soundproofing curtains combine Producer's Choice sound blankets for sound absorption plus Mass Loaded Vinyl for sound blocking. When using the Sound Block Curtains, you need to make sure to attach the curtains as tight as possible to block the whole area of the window. You should also face the absorption side of the blanket to the street and the sound block to the inside of the room.

A: The blanket size specified in product description, is so called, "cut size"  of the material, meaning that when fabric is flattened it would measure as described. After the the material has been bound, the actual size of the blanket tends to be somewhat smaller. Producer's choice blankets, especially the VB series with 2 inch parallel quilting pattern, tend to expand in thickness more and therefore get more narrow, than Zig-Zag stitched blankets.  That is because when the blankets fluff up they become thicker (think 3D versus 2D), therefore to compensate they shrink by about 5-10%. For VB -series blankets this is mostly happens at the expense of the width of the blanket. As an example, imagine measuring a pillow case: if you take a pillow case off, the pillow and measure it flat (2 dimensional footprint) it will be "larger", than when you stuff the pillow in it and measure the footprint again. When estimating the amount of blankets you need to cover your walls make sure to allow some extra blankets to overlap.

A) The purpose of egg crate shape is to disperse sound waves of different frequencies.  The in and out curvature of egg-carton-like surfaces irregularly reflects many midrange frequencies from many different points along the wall. Egg carton-like shapes are not designed for soundproofing per se, but they help with very "live" rooms to reduce sound reflections. Acoustic Blankets, especially hung away from the wall a little, actually provide better soundproofing.

Other shapes like commercial sound-absorbing material that looks like little wedges of foam at right angles, can soak up many frequencies pretty evenly. Similarly, bass traps that are essentially large cylinders stuffed with fiberglass insulation or foam that soak up bass energy, especially in corners, also used to even out the sound in a room.

Very little bass energy is actually absorbed by egg cartons, and that's most often what bothers the neighbors.

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