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    Mobile Sound Booth 6 x 6 with Soundproofing (Drum room Size)

    Mobile Sound Booth 6 x 6 with soundproofing

    provides up to 45 dB sound reduction
    SPB66 be used as drum practice room, portable soundproof conference room for trade shows, musical instruments practice, small band practice and audio recording. Drummers will find this an easy to set up solution, to reduce noise complaints.
    Sound isolation Booth SPB66 measures approximately 2L x 2W x 2H meters. (Up to 230 cm at the highest point.) Portable Sound Booth SPB66 can be transported in a passenger car and assembled in 25-35 minutes at location.

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    Mobile SoundProof(er) SOUND BOOTH 3 x 3 New 2018 model

    Mobile Sound Proofer Vocal booth SPB33, with soundproofing

    and sound absorption panels . Sound booth, provides up to 45 dB noise reduction. Great for Voice over, Singing practice, Individual musical instruments practice, audiometry testing and such. .
    Sound isolation Booth SPB33 measures approximately 1 meter long x 2 meter high and 1 meter wide. Portable Sound Booth SPB33 can be transported in a passenger car and assembled in 10-15 minutes at location.

    UK – Delivery cost £100 due to weight and dimensions.

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    Mobile soundproof(er) sound booths (SPB series)
    are sound isolation enclosures designed to combine superior soundproofing and acoustic quality with utmost mobility. They are constructed with metal frame and specially engineered multilayered soundproofing panels, Our signature Producer’s choice sound absorption acoustic panels serve as acoustic room treatment to remove all reflections inside the booth and create acoustically dead recording environment.
    These sound booth work great as a soundproofing solution for music practice, singing practice and any activity where you need to cut down on sound transmission in-or-out of the booth. The Sound Booth’s capacity to block out over 30 dB of outside noise and mobility makes them a perfect tool for audiometry testing labs, that often have to do their test at different locations.
    Soundproof(er) sound booths come in different sizes and provide you with a completely enclosed space, large enough to accommodate from one person with a mic ( SPB33) to a whole drum set ( SPB66). The innovative design allows for modular application of these booths and offers ability to assembly sound isolation enclosures of different shape and sizes.
    The booth walls are made of our proprietary multilayered material, with limp mass barrier and sound absorption layers, specifically designed to reduce sound transmission by over 30 dB (STC 33). Included Sound absorptions acoustic blankets for cutting down on reverberations and creating optimal acoustic environment for audio recording. These features allow you to get clean recordings anywhere. Thanks to considerable soundproofing efficiency of these sound booths, you can play instruments or sing anytime without disturbing your neighbors
    Besides superior Sound Isolation and acoustics, the great advantage of our Sound Booths SPB series is their portability. Disassembled booth can be shipped anywhere by a regular post, which is impossible to do with rigid wall booth. They are simple to setup and collapse and completely mobile.
    Yet make no mistake, the sound proofing panels are very heavy. You need mass to stop the sound. The sound block is heavy, you may need help to set up the sound blocking wall panels.
    Why would you want to get the Mobile Sound Booth SPB?

    – to get clean audio recordings;
    – to practice your instruments without disturbing your neighbors;
    – to practice your singing on YOUR schedule;
    – to record high quality Voice Over;
    – to be able to record on location;
    – to use for audiometry application;
    – take to shows, camps, on tour;
    – to get more for your money

    How portable is the Mobile Soundproof(er) Sound Booth?

     Drive it or Ship it. In a folded state it folds into several part. Each part packed in its own bag and can be transported in a car or even sent by post.
     Quick set-up and take down. Sound booth consist of a metal frame with snap-on assembly design, Sound Blocking panels and soun absorption panels. No small parts or screws to loose. Set up time from 15 -25 minutes ( for the small size booth)
    Space saver. If you have limited space, this booth can be removed and put away.
    Money Saver. For the amount o soundproofing you get this is the least expensive booth on the market and the mobility comes as a bonus!
    Peace Keeper. Number one complaint from neighbours is noise! This booth will make your neighbours like you!